We are looking for some rock solid full stack engineers who can work within our tech stack or help us decide a better option. Your primary focus will be on creating the systems our customers need and to make incremental and iterative improvements to our product, process and experience. We are looking to empower you and our stream aligned teams to focus all efforts to grow our business, your knowledge, and experience. If you love getting into a state of flow while working in small collaborative teams, we’d love to meet you.


Below is a list of skills/attributes that a Full Stack Engineer should possess at all levels, with increasing levels of competency as they attain higher levels and titles.

  • Building the Skribe product capabilities, supporting structures and frameworks
  • Building and using components, libraries and custom code
  • Translating ideas, thoughts, and designs into high quality code
  • Optimizing components for maximum performance across a vast array of web capable devices and browsers
  • Focusing every opportunity on how to make the product, process, code and system better than it is today.
  • Collaborating with team members in a pair and mob/ensemble setting


  • Demonstrated proficiency with the following:
    • Extreme programming/ Mob Programming practices
    • Javascript, React.js, Typescript (4+ years)
    • RESTful API’s
    • Cloud computing (AWS), Amplify
    • Enables and executes Continuous Deployment with Continuous Delivery
    • Mentors and cross train other team members to elevate the teams skills set and knowledge
    • Trunk based development
    • Ensuring Code Quality with TDD
    • Github
    • Relational (PostgreSQL) and noSQL databases

  • BONUS SKILLS: Demonstrated proficiency with the following:
    • UI/UX Design chops (Ant Design Library)
    • Zoom SDK’s
    • AI/ML transcription processing
    • Behavior Driven Development / Full Stack Integration Tests
    • Docker/Kubernetes
    • Other cloud computing frameworks
    • Customer empathy and interest
    • Audio / Video Processing, editing, or streaming
    • File storage optimization and compression
    • Interest of familiarity with the legal system