We are looking for a SeniorDeveloper (5+ years of experience) who has 3+ years of experience with the following technology stacks:


Successful applicants will have a history of learning new technologies and working effectively in a team environment.

General Skills / Responsibilities

  • Deliver high quality software based on the collectively developed requirements
  • Develop optimal solutions based on the needs of multiple business and technical dimensions (project goals, time & resources availability, task engineering complexity etc.)
  • Be comfortable with gathering information, specifying/narrowing down requirements, conferring with users, and planning the project delivery cycle.
  • Lead the software development cycle and optimize team efforts according to its phase.
  • Write and maintain high-level architectural documentation along with low-level technical documentation.
  • Lead training and onboarding sessions for new and existing technical staff.
  • Understand testing & integration methodologies (continuous integration, continuous delivery, unit vs. integration tests).
  • Take technical responsibility for a solution entirely, meaning that the code integrates, builds, can be installed/executed with the minimal required effort.
  • Propose and/or evaluate technical decisions rationally and with regard to the declared goals.
  • Participate in a small integrated team (3-7 people) of engineers, quality control testers, and designers.

Technical Skills

  • JavaScript (React)
  • PostgreSQL
  • General API design skills
  • Docker
  • Azure