Lead Platform Engineer

The Role

We are seeking a Lead Platform Engineer who is comfortable with a quick start-up pace, detail oriented, works autonomously, and uses a data-driven approach in taking calculated risks.

This role will be responsible for leading engineers and report to the Director of Engineering. The Lead Platform Engineer will work closely with Product Management and other engineers to ensure alignment between product strategy and technical implementation. This role will be responsible of a platform, which supports both web and mobile applications as well as integrations with third-party systems.

Key responsibilities:

  • Own technical implementation of our platform from design to execution
  • Lead other platform engineers, coaching and mentoring them on best practices and career development
  • Collaborate with leads of other functional areas to ensure cross-functional alignment

Who You Are

Soft Skills

  • Detailed-oriented. You are highly organized and excel at prioritization in fast-paced environments. You won’t allow small things to “slip through the cracks.” You tend to organize everything; that’s just who you are.
  • Risk tolerant. You are comfortable making decisions and excel at taking the lead. You are comfortable with achieving outcomes and confident that your experience, talents, and google will allow you to work out the details. You were always the one to raise their hand and ask questions when the rest of the class was silent.
  • Fast-paced. You are comfortable in a high-energy, unstructured startup environment where there is no playbook. In fact, you might enjoy writing the playbook. You prefer action over delay and view mistakes as opportunities to learn and adapt. Your experience as an engineer and with Agile will allow you to jump in and help on day two. You’re the type of person who would be bored with a long onboarding focused on administrative items.
  • Passionate, Optimistic and Customer Focused. You have a passion for building great products from zero to one that deliver second-to-none customer experiences. You strive to always put the customer first to ensure we are doing right by them. You believe that if anyone can do it, you can, even if it has never been done.
  • Logical and Data-driven. You use data to make decisions and like to present your findings to key stakeholders to tell a story. You recognize the importance of quantitative and qualitative data sources, and are the internal champion for your product and team(s).
  • Connect-the-dots. You are able to use your analytical, deductive reasoning skills to listen to abstract business needs and determine how to best fulfill those needs from the perspective of engineering best practices. During backlog refinements with Product Management, you’re able to hear their answer and understand the true need behind it. You naturally see logical patterns everywhere and can read between the lines to imagine what is missing or hasn’t been asked to fill in the gaps.
  • Big Picture. You are able to understand how the work you are leading ties to larger initiatives and ultimately our bottom line. You understand how prioritization decisions made impact sales, margin, and life-cycle of the product. You have the ability to plan both tactically and strategically, with an appreciation for pragmatism and simplicity.

Required Experience

  • Experience in a lead engineer role
  • Experience with advanced design and architectural patterns and concepts, with proven experience building platforms for enterprise scale
  • Experience with C#, with a strong preference for experience with .NET, .NET Core, and .NET Standard over .NET Framework
  • 3+ years experience with unit testing, with a preference for XUnit or NUnit
  • 3+ years experience with cloud technologies, with a preference for experience with Azure over AWS and GCP
  • 3+ years experience with Git and CI/CD tools, with a preference for experience with Azure DevOps, Docker, and Kubernetes

Our Top Candidates Will Have

  • Enterprise experience and comfort with the discipline and best practices
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills
  • Experience working with a geographically dispersed team