Key Responsibilities:

  • Design, build and maintain our current and next generation multi-strategy pipelines for CI/CD
  • Develop Technical Specifications documents.
  • Design and programming of agreed developments/modifications to the system.
  • Assist other developers in the design of their components.
  • Unit testing of code and quality assurance of system.
  • Resolve issues relating to the integration of project deliverables.
  • Promotion of benefits of the system to existing and new customers.
  • Ensure established standards and procedures are followed at all times.
  • Support teams on the on-boarding process into our Kubernetes architecture and provided tooling
  • Work with other teams gathering information on how they work in order to produce accurate tooling and processes that truly enables them to build things better and faster
  • Collaborate on evolving standards adopted by development teams
  • Collaborate with other engineers on the team to foster solid engineering principles and represent our engineering values


  • Knowledge of web design patterns and standards (like accessibility), the software development lifecycle, prototyping and agile principles and methodologies
  • Knowledge of source control tools, testing and refactoring practices.
  • Experience with multi component style guides
  • Experience using design systems like Material-UI
  • Use modern tools and technology to create, test, QA, document and publish React components matching Apollo designs that are robust, efficient, modular, reusable, accessible, responsive, and easy to use by other developers


  • Experience with AWS Components: Lambdas, Step functions, RDS, DynamoDB, Apigateway , SSM and Secrets Manager
  • Experience with programming languages: Python or Dart
  • Experience with UI frameworks: Flutter and React
  • Good understanding of Serverless and Cloud computing
  • Good understanding of TDD
  • Strong understanding of Agile frameworks (Scrum, Kanban, etc.)
  • Minimum of 3 years experience with component-based JavaScript frameworks e.g, React.
  • Minimum of 3 years experience developing REST APIs, XML and JSON is preferred.
  • Experience building APIs using best practices: HTTP Methods, verbs and semantic, versioning and security.

Soft Skills:

  • The ability to learn new technologies quickly.
  • Attitude, responsibility and commitment.
  • Leading by Change: From embracing change until leading and facilitating the implementation of change. Communicates change in such a way that people understand it. The end result is an on-time implementation of change projects and actions while maintaining a high level of motivation and commitment
  • Leading by Owning: Take responsibility for own results as well as for company results and values. Stimulate this attitude in others, make co-workers accountable. The end result is proactivity, creativity and motivation: capable people who take ownership