As part of a sprint team, you will:

  • Focus on delivering value to the user
  • Participate in daily standup meetings, sprint grooming sessions, and take significant product ownership
  • Estimate the level of effort required for implementing and testing features
  • Sign off on sprint scope based on features and associated user stories Partnering with the Development team, you will:
  • Reviewing and implementing automated testing needs required for feature development
  • Advising that team on the feasibility of features and any specific testing or other technical issues that might arise


  • 5+ years as a SDET/Test Automation Engineer
  • Experience with git, including merge request workflows e.g. github or gitlab
  • Experience with Python, pytest, unittest, BDD testing frameworks, Page Object Models
  • Knowledge of CI/CD
  • Experience working in AWS
  • Willing to learn other languages/tools as needed


  • 5+ years as a SDET/Test Automation Engineer in iOS/Android stack
  • Experience building CI/CD pipelines
  • Experience with Azure or GCP


  • Reviewing the product code throughout the development lifecycle
  • Taking part in the planning and design processes
  • Being an advocate for the customer by ensuring that the product meets customer expectations
  • Writing scalable and robust frameworks that can be used to automate tests
  • Developing test tools that help testers
  • Performing performance, functional, and regression testing
  • Ensuring that the product is robust, reliable and scalable
  • Preparing extensive test reports