We are looking for a Senior Data Engineer with experience working with complex systems, managing and deploying. Expert level Python programming and debugging skills. Familiarity with REST APIs, Cloud Infrastructure, CI/CD, Git. familiarity with UI development, frameworks (React/Angular, Flask, PHP, JS, etc.).

Skills required to contribute:

Primary Skills :

  • Python (for writing business logic),
  • Flask (API framework behind mind meld) ,
  • AIO http (Python based async web framework),
  • OpenShift CAE (Red hat-based Kubernetes platform),
  • Redis (for Caching), Snowflake (for storing data),

Secondary Skills :

  • RASA (NLP framework),
  • Docker (container orchestrator),
  • Elasticsearch (for telemetry),
  • Grafana (for displaying stats),
  • Prometheus (for monitoring services)
  • Experience - 4 + Years in relevant technologies.