• Collaborate closely with the Product and Engineering teams to understand and test our products
  • Work in a scrum team to define and refine user stories with clear acceptance criteria
  • Plan and implement testing strategies for new and existing features
  • Bolster and improve existing test suites to increase deployment confidence and speed
  • Execute functional and non-functional tests including exploratory testing
  • Review and improve our tests and coverage for our products
  • Research, implement and Improve testing tools and processes for your teams
  • Analyze defects to determine how to improve our development process
  • Work with their teams to perform root cause analysis, identify trends and corrective actions
  • Proactively assess, prevent and communicate risks


  • 5+ years of experience testing modern web applications in an agile environment
  • 5+ years of experience testing APIs, both manually and programmatically
  • Expertise in using business requirements to define test cases and testing activities from concept through implementation and deployment
  • Experience in planning, organizing and implementing test data for our testing needs
  • Experience in developing and maintaining automated test suites using open source frameworks
  • Experience with scripting and/or object oriented languages like Javascript, Ruby, Kotlin, Java etc.
  • Experience with version control and CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Codeship etc.
  • An instinct and understanding of where software might fail, and how to track down failures at various layers of an application stack
  • Curiosity, attention to detail, customer focused mindset and passion for delivering business value through testing in a timely manner
  • Excellent prioritization skills with an ability to multi-task and clear, concise communication
  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or relevant work experience

What other skills will be helpful?

  • Ability to review unit and integration tests and use the information to balance holistic testing coverage and activities
  • Experience working with integration and contract testing tools and frameworks such as PACT, Wiremock etc.
  • Experience working with developer centric testing and monitoring tools such as Optimizely, DataDog etc.