We are looking for people who can comfortably act as the development lead for a rapid CustomerEngage and ProducerEngage implementations for the customer's direct to consumer sales presence. First product is expected to be a modification of Personal Auto Quote and Buy flow, as well as Account access. Emphasis is planned to be to accept out of the box experience to the greatest extent possible. ProducerEngage implementation is expected to be more of standing up the product in preparation for follow-on development of commercial lines products for another division as well as establishing agent functionality for the direct to consumer.


  • Must be Capable in Digital 10. Digital 11 is nice to have, but the immediate need for L2 is Digital 10.
  • Ability to speak in Spanish is a bonus
  • Experience developing Java and J2EE apps using Guidewire studios IDE's
  • Experience in Guidewire core technologies: GOSU, PCF, Workflows
  • Lead (Ace).
  • Development Lead -- technical expertise in Guidewire Front Ends, able to mentor less experienced developers, perform code reviews (ACE certification), guide customer to successful implementation in shortest reasonable time
  • Phase in project : Inception